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The Art of Bowling

By JOHN KAFALAS I’m a candlepin bowler, on an unusual career path: I was very active as a youth bowler, then drifted away from the sport after high school and bowled only sporadically for most of my adult life, until I decided, at the age of 43, to return to bowling as an intensive competitor …

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A Journey Toward Losing to Win

by RICHIE SWEENEY Competition perpetually flows through my veins. All sporting and academic challenges I am presented with inevitably turn into battles, letting my competitive personality seep through. Going head to head with an opponent, regardless of the significance, lures me into the thrill of potential victory. While this seemingly unstoppable drive for winning can be …

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The Teacher’s Teacher

This year, Bruce Pandolfini received the Chess Educator Award of 2012, and in his acceptance speech, he reminded us here at The Art of Learning Project that his teachings are the teaching of our teachings. A humbling experience for Josh and the rest of us, which we want to share with you. If you have …

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