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NYU Wrestling

NEW YORK, NY – Gene Kobilansky, the assistant wrestling coach at New York University, has implemented an Art of Learning based mindset-training curriculum with his athletes with an aim to develop resilience and an incremental approach to wrestling and learning in general. “Our goal is to instill a love of learning and a focus on intrinsic goals and growth in our athletes. I believe if they focus less on winning the next match and more on loving the process, they’ll see higher levels of success,” explains Coach Kobilansky.

He is beginning his program with an exploration of what motivates people in their pursuit of mastery with assignments that focus on the idea of purpose, autonomy, incremental mindset, and resilience. He plans to continue this work with a focus on Investment in Loss and a depth over breadth approach to overcoming challenges and improving technical skills.


CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – Ashley Visagie, the Director of the non-profit organization BottomUp, is aiming to install a sense of pride, belonging and identity within learners at existing disadvantaged primary schools and to empower them with foundational skills for a better future. “…we are continually looking for new ways to aid the learners in their development. The thoughts in The Art of Learning have encouraged us to pursue a different approach to teaching and learning. We really appreciate the fixed and growth mindset idea (Carol Dweck model) which Josh highlights, and we have noticed it in our learners too”. Ashley acknowledges that the process of learning can always improve, and she is working to instill in her learners the nature of practice, learning from losses, and that intelligence is flexible. Their continuous challenge is to find ways to go beyond just discussion, and to find more concrete activities which help learners find that “zone of learning”.