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Hunter College of The City University of New York

NEW YORK, NY- Marcus Artigliere is a middle school teacher who is teaching seminars to future educators at Hunter College, and has designed a course supporting second year graduate students seeking their masters’ degrees in English as a Second Language. The Art of Learning has been powerful for Marcus in his own development as a teacher, and he has incorporated a “teacher as learner” session into his lectures, building on the book’s principles, and encouraging graduate students to understand their own learning process more deeply. Marcus says, “This is a component in education training programs that I think is underdeveloped and overlooked and is an area that I will encourage my teacher candidates to reflect on. I hope that my graduate students will be able to recognize that being a good teacher requires being a lifelong learner.”

Cottage Lane Elementary School

BLAUVELT, NY – Cottage Lane Elementary School is highly committed to fostering a love of learning in its students. Technology teacher Jacob Tanenbaum spearheaded an effort to create a professional development library for teachers that includes The Art of Learning. Lively discussion groups, have sprouted up in the new library space, growing roots for building learning strategies that teachers can apply to their own lives and to the classrooms. The books are now a wonderful addition to their staff library for daily usage and inspiration.

Here is Jacob’s response to The Art of Learning: “The most important “take away” message from the Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin for me, and I think for educators in general in this day and age is to stop fearing failure.  Josh’s message that failure is important for growth, and his deeply personal accounts of his process of growth through failure as critical to success is transformative for those educators steeped in a culture that demands that all children succeed in everything they do every time that they try…” to read the rest of Jacob’s reflection, please follow this link.


BRONX, NY-Beginning in 1997, The Academic Zone in the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice was formed out of a desire to facilitate an ongoing love and thirst for knowledge among 13- and 14-year-old students in the South Bronx whose interest in and love of information tends to level off as they enter middle school.  Director of The Academic Zone, Zan Taylor, is using The Art of Learning in the Summer Institute program to motivate the students “to be life time learners” and to foster their future goals.

Gregorio Luperon High School

NEW YORK, NY-The mission of the Gregorio Luperon High School is to prepare a community of children with the tools to become productive members of society. The HS motivates the students to be the best they can be. School Guidance Counselor and baseball coach, Ricaulte Pena, will use The Art of Learning books with the baseball team and in group counseling sessions (two groups with 8-12 kids) to encourage better decision making skills and alternative teaching methods.  Pena is sharing the book with the school’s principal and assistant principle in an effort to integrate its worthy teaching methods into the broader curricula.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

NEW YORK, NY. On July 10th, 2009, Dr. Kathy Kremins, Tim Rymer and Mackey Pendergast presented the Mendham High School pilot program (described in the Schools section of Programs) at the 2009 IB Conference of the Americas in Quebec. Joanne Singer from The JW Foundation attended the conference, set up a booth, and donated copies of The Art of Learning to interested attendees. Many enthusiastic applications for the book have been received as a result of the presentation and schools nationwide are instituting faculty book study programs geared to introducing The Art of Learning into classroom curricula and transforming teaching strategies to maximize student insight into the learning process. These IB educators are perceiving the overlap between the IB mission and that of The JW Foundation and using the information it has provided to optimize the desire and ability of students to absorb knowledge and perform consistently.

Academics In Motion

NEW YORK, NY. AIM sends Youth Development Coaches into underserved high schools to work with students for an entire school year. These coaches (10 working in 10 high schools) act as mentors to help bridge sports and life skills. The Art of Learning has been incorporated into the life skills portion of their modules.