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Comsewogue High School

PORT JEFFERSON STATION, NY – Andrew Harris is a Special Education Resource Room teacher working with students between the ages of 14 and 18. He describes his students as bright and hard working children with minor learning disabilities, who would benefit from special projects in addition to support with their regular schoolwork. Harris applied to …

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Pond River Middle School

BURLINGTON, NJ Susan Ringenary, a Special Education teacher at this middle school, is utilizing The Art of Learning concepts to bolster the confidence levels of her 8th-grade students and give them a concrete set of tools that enables them to view themselves as equals and their disabilities as obstacles that can be conquered. The school’s …

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Concordia Public Schools

CONCORDIA, KS. Melissae Stiles is a facilitator working with gifted students through the special education department. The goal of her team is to help her 13-17-year-old students who face the challenges of asynchronous development realize their maximum potential with the tools they have been given. She is working in partnership with Ginger Lewman at the …

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Groton-Dunstable Alliance for Youth (GDAY)

GROTON, MA. This organization’s mission is to reinforce healthy and respectful behavior among children, teens and communities. Says Alice Anne Barbo, its former president: “The Groton-Dunstable Alliance for Youth (GDAY) used the books donated by the JW Foundation as a part of our Parent-to-Parent Network book discussion series.  We provided copies to the libraries in …

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Cape Girardeau Public Central Middle School

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO. Tanda Smith, a teacher of gifted 5th- and 6th-grade students, is placing The Art of Learning books in her middle school’s library so that parents, teachers, and personnel in the district’s Special Education Services department will have access to its teachings.

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