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Our mission is to reinvigorate the world’s belief in the power of education by supporting parents, educators, and coaches in igniting a life-long love of learning in children and young adults.

main-2While our current educational model has long provided attention to basic academic areas such as reading, writing, and arithmetic, it often neglects a core foundational element: the art of learning itself. Schools offer tools for mastering individual subjects but often fail to help students develop introspection and awareness of themselves in a broader sense.

By giving young-people a framework for quality, we are helping them to develop a creative, resilient passion for learning and improved performance that will be a life-long catalyst for success.

The result of embracing values such as creativity, passion and presence is not only a successful academic life, but a successful life, period.

These skills are needed now more than ever as teaching to the test has created an educational model that skews increasingly towards a numbers-only gauge of success. This environment is proving highly stressful for both educators and students alike, making the need for skills like resilience and presence more apparent than ever. In this rapidly changing world, tools like flexibility and creativity will determine more and more who succeeds and who does not.

We are committed to reaching as many students as we can with this message. If you are a parent, educator, coach, or just a passionate learner, you’ll find a variety of resources dedicated to supporting people on the road to excellence. Take a moment to browse through our resources page and The Learning Journal in order to familiarize yourself with our idealogy.

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