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Barcelona Academy of Art

BARCELONA, SPAIN – Dorian Iten, the Digital Art Program Coordinator at BAA, uses The Art of Learning principles in a 10-week course that focuses on Investment in Loss and Valuing Process Before Results, with an aim to strengthen resilience and deepen the students’ awareness of their internal states.
“Time and again I have found my insights from drawing and painting echoed in the principles Josh gleans from chess and the martial arts,” Iten told the JWF. “Both mental and physical resilience are crucial elements of an artist’s success. There is a lot to discover in this area and I am looking forward to sharing our findings with fellow teachers, trainers and coaches!”

Throughout the course the students explore their feelings of self-doubt by learning about and discussing mindset, analyzing both failures and growth of masters in painting, and participating in shared journaling activities on Slack. Students practice Valuing Process Before Results in collaborative drawing exercises in which they focus on improving accuracy and proportions by working on each other’s drawings. By regularly discussing both the teacher’s and the students’ struggles, the class develops a safe space in which students can be vulnerable and open to working together on Investment in Loss and growing as learners.
“As artists, we value our bodies as instruments and seek to refine perception and control,” Iten explains. “Our students are studying their own responses and biases through heart rate variability training and the study of screen recordings of their digital painting sessions. Heartbeat by heartbeat and brushstroke by brushstroke, new understanding emerges.”

Art Lives Here

WHITE PLAINS, MD – Art Lives Here is an after-school program with a mission to help under privileged children learn through the creative arts.  Christine Kendrick, the program’s founder and director says, “Our goal is to allow the children to explore art and education, and to foster better study habits by using the tools of looking at the simplicity of a problem and drawing from there.”  She believes that the learning principles outlined in The Art of Learning will give children the necessary tools to “open their minds and learn how to think.”  Through their work with The Art of Learning Project, Ms. Kendrick expects to see proven results from the students in the areas in which they have previously struggled.  She hopes that the clarity they gain through this program will help them to have more self-confidence in all areas of their lives.