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A Real Learner

by ANURAG NAMBIAR, Tai Chi student, age 12 Introduction and comments by Mackenzie Hawkins, founder/teacher, Wuwei Princeton Academy 12-year-old Anurag has been learning Tai Chi at the Wuwei Princeton Academy (for SuperKids!) for the past three years with his teacher Mackenzie Hawkins. In the Spring semester of 2019, they used The Art of Learning themes …

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Plato’s Republic and The Art of Learning in modern education

by DENNIS DALTON I first met Josh Waitzkin before he had written The Art of Learning but after he had established his spectacular achievements in chess. Josh was an undergraduate in my Political Theory Barnard College course at Columbia University that I had taught there since 1969. This was a large lecture class but it …

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An Actor’s Journey Into The Art of Learning

by MATT RYAN I first came across The Art of Learning in my junior year in college. After about a year pondering Josh’s principles, as well as those of Tim Ferriss, and experimenting with them in my own acting work, I decided to test my knowledge and see if I understood them well enough to …

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