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Develop an Art of Learning Program

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What does an Art of Learning Program Look Like?

Because we do not have a static curriculum, no two programs are exactly alike. A program could be as simple as a teacher introducing a single learning principle to his or her students within a single subject area, or as large as multiple teachers implementing a thematic program in which students encounter the same principles in many iterations across disciplines. We will work with you to create a program that is unique to your athletic or learning community.

How We Can Help

Copies of The Art Of Learning

We will provide you with copies of The Art of Learning through our book program.

Phone and Email Support

You will have access to phone and email support to help facilitate both professional development and programs in which students and athletes work directly with the material.

Help from Teachers

Through our website you can access materials created by teachers who have worked with us, such as lesson plans, unit outlines, student work and more. In addition, you will be invited to join our online teaching community where you can participate in discussions, pose questions, share resources, and deepen your understanding of The Art of Learning principles.

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