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Your gifts are used to purchase copies of The Art of Learning for our Book Donation Program, provide access to one-on-one phone and email support for educators working with the content, and to spread the word about this important work.

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Feedback From Our Learners

Dan Urrutia – U14 volleyball coach, Cascade Volleyball Club of Seattle

The Art of Learning and the guides provide the best catalog of the different mental and emotional elements of learning that I’ve ever seen.

James Frick, high school student

I cannot stress enough the extent to which The Art of Learning has equipped me with the ideas and values I need to succeed in any endeavor, but more importantly to enjoy any undertaking as an opportunity for learning. The book and its ideas gave me a lens through which to view my high school (and soon to be my college) education and also left me with a basic knowledge of the most important aspects of the learning process.

Nikola Tosic – improv jazz musician and faciliatator of creative music making workshops – Creative Learning and Collaborative Composition

The Art of Learning has had a major role in reshaping my approach to obstacles and adversities, unlearning, maintaining presence, and cultivating quality in life. It feels natural to share this information and these experiences with my students.

Jon Loo – 10th grade English teacher, Blaine HS

I think the most important thing for people to take away from this book is how an artfully incremental approach to learning can lead to the ability to draw energy from any context and use it to achieve excellence.

Renee Schenkman, high school student

This evening I contemplated the learning process, only to realize that my preconceived notions of school being the learning environment were wrong. Of course, school provides a foundation or knowledge. However, learning is not limited to the classroom per se. True learning is a natural process, a constant flow of energy.

Jamie Cohen – 9th grade English teacher, Tanenbaum CHAT

Josh’s ideas on learning are particularly intriguing to me because of the principles grounded in classic wisdom and the unique, personalized way each can be integrated to build resilience and to develop a passion in a child for lifelong learning.

Stephen Pallone, high school student

In ways I could never imagine, Josh gave me a different perspective about how to learn. The Art of Learning opened the door to looking at how I learn best, and how I can improve teaching myself.

Courtney Caminiti, high school student

The Art of Learning challenged me to learn continuously, which I came to realize was in fact much easier, and less time-consuming, than my previous study habits. I no longer need to cram before tests, because the information had already been learned progressively over a span of time.

Kate White, high school student

With the aid of Josh Waitzkin’s The Art of Learning I have been able to utilize my intelligence and create a more intuitive sense of curiosity letting me become a more intellectual but open minded person.

Jake Rich – Assistant Director, Urban Art Beat

Proper form is a crucial foundation for achieving success in any discipline, and learning how to learn can make everything a person does more efficient and effective. I wish I had the opportunity to read The Art of Learning as a teenager and now I’m thrilled to be able to teach the principles to creative young people in NYC. I’m confident our partnership [with The Art of Learning Project] will be invaluable in guiding our students and teaching artists alike towards reaching our full potential.

Ryan Shirtz, high school student

After listening to Josh, and of course reading The Art of Learning I feel that I am more prepared to be present in my daily life, and to extract everything I can from my day to day experiences. Now, I focus on my “strategy” for learning, rather than just absorbing information. I want to be a student who can be mentally applied to my work at all times, and I feel that after listening to Josh, I can.

Marilyn Cron, middle school teacher

I have involved not only students, but parents and teachers with the reading of The Art of Learning and something wonderful has developed from the seeds planted with the pages of your story.

Dave Curran – Head of Journalism and Student Services team member in the Media Department, Colaiste Dhulaigh

Josh’s principles of learning take the mystique out of talent and progress. He makes excellence feel attainable.

Tim Stanley – Instructor, California State University String Project

We routinely use the Art of Learning in our teachers’ meetings and I have come to rely on it as part of my curriculum for helping students understand how they learn, and how they were taught. This then leads to the exploration of how they will teach. It can be very powerful, and lead to some pretty profound introspection from these 18 and 19 year-olds.

Constantine Ananiadis – tennis and chess coach, Oberlin College

I use Josh’s principles daily in my practice plans for my team and in my long-term mapping for our team’s improvement and skill development as well. I find that these principles are very practical and therefore easily incorporated into anyone’s developmental plan. I find myself re-reading the book over and over and discovering new things, or understanding it at a deeper level, each time.