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Thematic Programs

Several teachers working in different curricular areas, but on the same grade level, who introduce the same learning principle to their students through their various disciplines. This gives their students the opportunity to explore the concept through a variety of avenues and experiences, providing a deeper understanding for the child.

How It Works


Repeated exposure to the concepts through a variety of disciplines will open up pathways for students to have a deeper understanding of the learning principles and their relevance to all areas of their lives.


This is a unique opportunity for a maximum of 10 schools to work closely with the JWF team to develop a dynamic, new type of program.


Participating teacher teams will have access to in depth planning and support and will provide us with valuable feedback to impact greater numbers of students in the future.

Fill out the application below to be considered for our next cohort.

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  • Include grade levels taught for each participant.
  • The JW Foundation is committed to working with diverse student populations and to providing educational support to under-served and under-resourced schools. Demographic information will be used to allow us to maintain a racially, economically, and academically diverse cohort of programs.