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The Art of learning project is closing its doors

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artoflearningbookWe donate The Art of Learning to schools and non-profit organizations free of charge. Our goal is to give educators, coaches, parenting groups, psychologists and other professionals the resources necessary to maximize the learning potential of kids, teens and young adults. Our hope is to inspire growth and a love of learning in children, parents, and teachers alike.

Apply To The Program

How it Works

Once an application is approved, we’ll send you copies of the book for your teachers, guidance counselors or other professionals. We encourage you to think creatively about the best ways to work with the book, and would like to hear your input on incorporating it into your classroom or organization. We find that by creating open dialogue, the common goal can be creatively and effectively fostered. One great approach is to put together small discussion groups in which you’ll talk about ways to introduce the concepts to your organization. If you feel that students would benefit from receiving copies to read on their own, this can be arranged.

We Need your Help

Our goal is to create an easily accessible, free online learning environment of resources for parents, educators, psychologists, coaches, and students. In order to do this, we are counting on program participants to provide us with feedback and ideas.

We ask that participants in the program keep us posted on how you are working with the material. Any ideas, study guides, worksheets or comments you come up with are greatly appreciated as we work towards our goal of generating free resources for schools all over the country.

All author royalties from donated books purchased by the JW Foundation will be reinvested in the JW Foundation.

Thank you for your support.