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Explore the importance of building and staying connected to a strong foundation of knowledge in any given field. Dive deep into a small pool of information in order to understand the operating principles of the whole. Condense and refine your understanding, learn to harmonize deeply ingrained knowledge to create bursts of insight, and use those moments of insight as beacons for the discovery of your unique approach to learning, art, and peak performance.

Master the Fundamentals

It is most effective to launch into the learning process by studying a discipline’s most fundamental principles. A devotion to mastering the nuances of these basics builds the foundation required for more complex understanding; creative bursts of inspiration; and higher levels of achievement, which result from an interplay between knowledge,… Read more

Learning the Macro From the Micro

We cannot hope to grasp the inherent joy and beauty of learning nor lead a life of serious accomplishment if we only skim the surfaces of subjects and acquaint ourselves with thin layers of knowledge. In order to excel, our approach to learning must emphasize depth over breadth. We have… Read more

Making Smaller Circles

We have to be able to do something slowly before we can do it quickly. By delving with laser-like focus into a basic set of concepts or practices over a period of time, we can gradually internalize the knowledge. The process of reviewing and creatively exploring these basics over and… Read more

Numbers to Leave Numbers

By studying discrete pieces of information thoroughly and practicing their application repetitively, they eventually shed their technical, nitty-gritty character. This happens because  the process of digesting small chunks of knowledge over and over again shifts it from the conscious mind to the unconscious mind where it can connect with other… Read more

Bringing It All Together

These are the steps to high-level learning and performance: Delve into the essential aspects of a small pool of basic information that is foundational to your chosen topic or field and do so in a manner that is in keeping with your unique learning style. Building on this base, devote… Read more