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Begin your journey with an exploration of the sense of freedom and possibility that emerge from a focus on growth and process over outcome. Cultivate a willingness to stretch your limits, enjoy the freedom of a beginner’s mind, and develop the hunger and abilities to learn from mistakes and flow with distractions.

Value Process Before Results

True learning occurs through a process of hard and sustained effort and a nuanced understanding of each challenge, gain, and loss along the way. Therefore, it is more important to draw insights from every step we take rather than focus on any end reward or goal. Labels like “winner”, “loser”,… Read more

Investment in Loss

We expand our minds and develop our capacities by allowing ourselves to confront hurdles, experience losses, and take a good hard look at them. Although stepping away from what is known and familiar and taking risks can be uncomfortable, doing so affords rich opportunities for learning. A willingness to lose… Read more

Beginner’s Mind

Children learning to crawl approach their surroundings with unstoppable curiosity and an eager, joyful sense of adventure. They have no concern for how they look nor the judgments of others. What propels them forward is a general delight in all that is unfamiliar; an ability to be intrigued by the… Read more

Using Adversity

Being able to handle life’s dirty tricks without losing one’s equanimity, interest, and joy is vital to learning and achievement. The ability to call on one’s knowledge and apply it well and completely is disrupted when we fall prey to emotional disturbances. Rather than deny or stifle emotions, we must… Read more

The Internal Solution

If we can prevent ourselves from being thrown by heightened emotions and instead learn to flow with them, the physiological responses they produce in us can help us defeat obstacles. To harness feelings for a defined purpose, we must first develop an understanding of and tolerance for inner turmoil. We… Read more