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Lafayette Charter High School

LAFAYETTE, LA. This school, which is designed to provide a learning environment for students whose needs cannot be met by traditional high schools, helps potential drop-outs earn a high school diploma. The Art of Learning is being used in a book study context to support the professional development of core subject teachers. The goal is …

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Orange County Public Schools/Hospital-Bound/Esteem Academy

ORLANDO, FL. Susan Hoover, a teacher of the gifted in a school that serves students who are either medically fragile or who function best in a very small classroom setting, is using The Art of Learning to foster professional development study sessions. Her ultimate objective: To have the faculty translate the principles into enrichment programs …

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St. Andrew’s School

SAVANNAH, GA – Kelley Waldron is using the book with teachers at St. Andrew’s School to enrich ongoing discussions regarding curriculum and classroom instruction focused on student-centered education and a process-versus-product mentality. Participants spent the summer using The Art of Learning as a professional development tool and are now integrating the principles into their teaching.

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