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Winning in New Ways

By SHELBY HOYT It has been about 6 months since I have completed reading The Art of Learning. Josh’s story really got me thinking because his story is very similar to mine. My journey started off as an elementary school student with some big shoes to fill. I come from a family of athletes, swimmers …

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The Art of Teaching

Guest Blogger: Nick Rubinfier Something that every teacher must face at some point is the inevitable interpretation that his or her job is one that is not really a highly qualified profession. We have all heard the saying “those who can’t do, teach” and realize that there is a belief out there that teachers become …

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ADHD and The Art of Learning

Guest Blogger: Rob Hanly Rob Hanly, a lifestyle architect from Sydney, Australia, blogs about his struggles with ADHD and how The Art of Learning helped him focus on the essence and details of his work. Making Smaller Circles “I’m smarter than this!” Not long after I turned 12, these words started ringing in my head …

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