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The Art of Teaching

Guest Blogger: Nick Rubinfier Something that every teacher must face at some point is the inevitable interpretation that his or her job is one that is not really a highly qualified profession. We have all heard the saying “those who can’t do, teach” and realize that there is a belief out there that teachers become …

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Debate and The Art of Learning: A Reflection

Guest Blogger: Tian Yan This article is about how I apply the practice of debate and the ideas discussed in Josh Waitzkin’s “The Art of Learning” to my own personal development. Like Josh, I’m writing as honestly as I can, and in doing so, am sharing with you the most personal aspects of my life—things …

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Multitasking Virus in our Classrooms (Part II)

By Josh Waitzkin I recently wrote an article about a heartbreaking new trend in our classrooms. In Universities throughout the US, students are surfing the internet, shopping online, Facebooking, and emailing while their professors speak to disengaged minds. One can argue that kids have always passed notes, but this semester’s explosion of multi-tasking is on …

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