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Teacher Career Pathways

NEW YORK, NY – Marcus Artigliere is a Teacher Team Leader with Teacher Career Pathways, part of the Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality with the New York City Department of Education. TCP works to build capacity of teachers and schools in an effort to promote sustainable change. This is achieved through one on one peer coaching, facilitating leadership conversations, fostering collaboration in schools, and creating strategic adult learning opportunities.
After an earlier experience working with The Art of Learning Project while teaching seminars to graduate students at Hunter College, Artigliere was interested in introducing the learning principles to a larger audience of educators. He applied to our book donation program in order to share copies of The Art of Learning with other teacher team leaders, potentially reaching over 280 schools in New York City. His goal with this project was to encourage new ways of thinking about learning and how to create new learning experiences with others.
The participants used excerpts from The Art of Learning as their professional literature. As a group, they discussed how the learning principles could be used to develop their leadership coaching skills.
“The book was helpful to push our thinking on the benefit of risk taking, reflection, and inquiry around both our instruction and our coaching practice,” Artigliere explained. The participants felt that this experience will not only help them to be more reflective about their practice, but will encourage them to learn from their missteps moving forward.

Lehman College, CUNY

BRONX, NY – Dr. Christy Folsom is an associate professor in the Childhood Education Department of Lehman College, City University of New York.   Her academic focus is on the intellectual and emotional infrastructure of teaching and learning, project-based learning that includes self-organization skill, transfer of learning from coursework to P-12 classrooms, and change in teacher thinking and practice evidenced in student performance. In addition, she developed Teaching for Intellectual and Emotional Learning (TIEL), a powerful curriculum planning tool for teachers.

While planning her undergraduate course entitled “The Art and Science of Learning and Teaching”, Dr. Folsom contacted the JW Foundation with an interest in participating in our book donation program.  “In this course, we will explore scientific aspects of how we learn as well as how learning can be an art.  Understanding learning as a science and as an art can have a profound impact on how we teach,” Folsom explains.  She plans to use examples from The Art of Learning and Resilience based principles such as Value Process Before Results, Investment in Loss, Beginner’s Mind, and Using Adversity to illustrate the importance of teaching for intellectual learning in conjunction with emotional learning.

“How do you learn something and stick with it long enough to master it?” Dr. Folsom asks.  “Yes, Josh had a gift for chess, but with tai chi it seems that he had to work so much more.”  She believes Josh’s learning journey is a wonderful illustration of the wide range of learning, both social/emotional and cognitive/intellectual, and the necessity for struggle that must be addressed in the classroom in order to provide students with the complex learning experiences they need to succeed in the twenty-first century.