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Mendham High School IB Program

MENDHAM, NJ. Dr. Kathy Kremins merged The Art of Learning with Mendham High’s International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge course.

Seventy students participated in this pilot program. Many passionately discussed The Art of Learning in an online forum and wrote inspiring essays about the material. At the end of the program, the JW Foundation had the honor of meeting with the class. Josh spoke to the students and then held a more intimate discussion with a smaller group. This collaboration touched on everything from what it means to be a learner in life to a vision for the future of education.

Currently, we are continuing our work with the senior Theory of Knowledge class. In addition, both the Mendham boys’ soccer team and girls’ basketball team are using The Art of Learning thanks to the inspiring work of Dr. Kathy Kremins and Tim Rymer.

The success of the Mendham High program combined with our participation in the International Baccalaureate Conference resulted in the integration of The Art of Learning into IB Theory of Knowledge classes in a number of other schools. There is vast potential for the spread of the principles set forth in the book as they are a perfect match for the mission of the IB program, which is held in 2,732 schools in 138 countries.

Dr. Kremins is taking steps to launch a four-way international program for teaching The Art of Learning—participants include Mendham High and high schools in Newark, N.J., Mexico, and China that will share a wikispace and work with a unit plan she is developing based on the IB Middle Years Program. Dr. Kremins will be creating a blog for The Art of Learning Project website that will document her and the students’ ongoing experiences working with the principles and share ideas about how others can institute effective teaching strategies, domestically and abroad. Wiki-based programs have the potential to be adopted by inner city schools.

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