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National Soccer Coaches Association of America

KANSAS CITY, KS. The NSCAA is the largest coaches’ organization in the United States with more than 26,000 members who coach both genders at all levels of the sport. The Art of Learning was reviewed in the fall issue of Soccer Journal, the official publication of the NSCAA, which is sent to their entire member base. The article mentioned the URL of our site, enabling readers to order copies of the book.

Bud Lewis, a men’s soccer coach and a director of wellness programs at Wilmington College in Ohio, read about the book in NSCAA Soccer Journal and is now studying The Art of Learning with the intention of using its concepts to further teaching and training skills for on and off the field player development. Eric Ritter, Director of Girl’s Coaching at the North Atlanta Soccer Association (a 4,000-member organization of three- to 19-year-old players), read about the book in Soccer Journal and is now using it to expand his girls coaching staff’s understanding of the mental process as it relates to the sport. Over a year’s time, Ritter intends to extend the program to the boys coaching staff and to the recreational staff.

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