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HOUSTON, TX. Health and fitness specialist Randy Kaiser has creatively integrated The Art of Learning into his own fitness practice, Eleet Fitness, impacting clients that include teachers, parents, administrators and many other types of professionals. He has also designed a development program for personal trainers rooted in The Art of Learning principles that he is using to educate staff members and colleagues across the nation.

Says Randy: “After reading The Art of Learning last year, my life has changed significantly. Let me explain: For years I have questioned the close-mindedness of our educational society and the inability to harvest the minds of the children that will lead us into the future. Unfortunately, with many friends and colleagues involved in the educational system, my concerns have fallen on deaf ears. The educational system has indeed destroyed any functional system needed for higher learning. Creative and inspirational instructors are forced to follow protocols and there is no room for creative thinking. I was terrified to start a family and bring children into this world and expose them to a system of this sort. Enter Josh Waitzkin and The Art of Learning. A very close friend of mine introduced me to the book and told me it was highly regarded in his circle at the University of Minnesota. Well now I understand why the book was so highly regarded. Not only was the book a fantastic read but it also gave me hope that change can be made in a system that seems to value grades more than critical thinking. I have a better understanding of where I am headed in regards to learning and commonly recognize Josh’s ideas in my past and present experiences.”

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