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Lehman College, TIEL Institute

BRONX, NY-The purpose of Teaching for Intellectual and Emotional Learning at Lehman College is to offer a uniquely balanced approach to learning and teaching that addresses the requirements of 21st-century education. TIEL brings together the intellectual and social-emotional components of learning and teaching.  Dr. Christy Folsom, Associate Professor and founder of the Institute, introduced The Art of Learning to students working on their masters’ degrees in Childhood Education and taking Curriculum Development in Music and Curriculum Development in Social Studies courses, and a Student Teaching Seminar.  “I am using the book to help my students build resilience in their own learning process,” says Christy.  “I want them to believe in themselves and develop strategies for dealing with cognitive dissonance, the learning curve, and the lack of instant perfection…I also want the students to have the book as a resource for designing strategies to work with their future students.”

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