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ITHACA, NE-The mission of The Praire Wind Dojo is to strengthen the body, develop the mind, and free the spirit through the study of the martial arts. “Our intention,” says Chief Instructor Michael Rowe “is to show that we are capable of great improvements in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms sometimes by a simple shift in perspective, and that…gains have always been within our grasp.”  Through sharing The Art of Learning, Michael says he hopes to “increase the ability of students to improve their overall performance in school, at work, at play, and increase my fellow instructors understanding of learning and performance.”

All Black Belt Instructors are reading and studying the book in a weekly book study program and participants are applying the principles to student sessions. Additionally, all students applying to complete a Master’s Challenge are reading and discussing the book with their mentor instructor. Each challenge culminates in a Master’s Challenge Weekend camp in which additional discussions pertaining to The Art of Learning concepts are taking place.

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