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Marshfield High School

MARSHFIELD, MO – Chris Roberds, a gifted coordinator and debate coach at Marshfield High School, is using The Art of Learning with educators and students within the gifted and debate program. His intention is to show students the value of focusing on the end result and building backwards.
Roberds’ high school gifted students are reading The Art of Learning and discussing how the lessons can prepare them for upcoming learning transitions and challenges, namely entrance exams for college, undergraduate tests and the affective learning involved in building new friendships and teacher relations in a university setting.
In his own development as a debate teacher, Chris acknowledges that he has literally changed his entire method of teaching after reading The Art of Learning. He is now building his teaching method focusing on the end game (similar to a chess player approaching the game with just the King and a pawn) and encourages students to familiarize themselves with the chaos that happens when building the beginning of a debate from the end. This approach is different than the most encouraged debate teaching strategies focusing on the construction of the first arguments. Last year was his first experiment in this method of teaching and the strategy led his top debate team from Marshfield to win every tournament they battled in Missouri.

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