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The Teacher’s Teacher

This year, Bruce Pandolfini received the Chess Educator Award of 2012, and in his acceptance speech, he reminded us here at The Art of Learning Project that his teachings are the teaching of our teachings. A humbling experience for Josh and the rest of us, which we want to share with you.

If you have already read The Art of Learning, you have met Bruce Pandolfini through the eyes of the heart of a small boy, Josh. Now we would like to introduce Bruce Pandolfini through his own words in his 2012 acceptance speech:

“Let me say this. I love teaching chess, revealing its beauty and truth, its pleasing patterns and elegant plans, its epiphanies and paradoxes. There’s something else. When I sit across from a talented young person, I’m aware how in time that individual may become one of the most important people in the world. I consider myself honor-bound to guide such minds on the way to full attainment of knowledge and power. Perhaps I can inspire them to make their own special commitment. But I temper and hold back. I never want to suggest the road to take. That path must be found on one’s own, whether because it is grassy and wants wear, or maybe because it’s the road less traveled by. And as much as I like to be appreciated for my skills and insight, I want students to know something else; they don’t need me to succeed. If I can show them that, then I’ve done my job as a teacher.”

To read Bruce Pandolfini’s acceptance speech:

Link to Bruce’s Speech Here.

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