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Fundacao Universidade Regional de Blumenau

BLUMANU, SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL – The mission of Fundação Universidade Regional de Blumenau is to promote teaching, research and extension, sustainable socio-economic development, and social well-being. Natan Lotério, a student at the university, along with one teacher and five other students from the Computer Science department, have formed a study group interested in exploring a variety of learning techniques. “For a long time I have wasted opportunities to help others and myself, “ Lotério explains. “Now I want to catch up and have a great plan for helping people. I want to help them better understand how they think, understand, and see the world. I believe in the power of learning. I believe that just teaching ourselves how to think and learn, we will evolve into a more intelligent society.”

Lotério and the other members of his group will read The Art of Learning together and discuss the learning principles. From there, they plan to identify a learning module to explore further as a means of deepening their understanding of the learning process.

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