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Early College of Forsyth

WINSTON SALEM, NC – The Early College of Forsyth is a small public high school located on the campus of the Forsyth Technical Community College. They offer a unique program in which students begin taking college courses in their freshman year alongside their high school coursework. After four years, they are able to graduate with both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree.

Diane Morrow has been an English teacher at ECF for 6 years, and uses her considerable experience to help her students become critical thinkers around the concepts of education and learning.  She plans to work with a small subgroup of students in her Junior English class to explore the themes and learning concepts outlined in The Art of Learning. “I’m especially interested in using the book to help students learn to deal with resistance and obstacles and to get them thinking in new ways about learning and what is possible,” Morrow explains.

She will offer a reading journal assignment where students choose quotes from the book and respond by making connections to their own experiences. In addition, students will have a choice of projects, including creating a video, a speech, and/or an interactive learning experience for their classmates that introduces their classmates to one or more key concepts from the book and how it can be applied to learning. The goal is to encourage them to use the book to think about their learning both within and outside of school.




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