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SEATTLE, WA – Theodore Eftimiades is the CEO of Student Circle, a private tutoring organization with the dual goal of educating students as well as their instructors. By providing their tutors with thought provoking and engaging professional development opportunities through monthly discussion seminars and lectures, they believe that the tutors’ excitement for learning will provide a motivating example for their tutees. In addition, they aim to teach their educators life-skills and learning skills which can be used both in their personal lives and passed down to their student population.
Eftimiades applied to The Art of Learning Project’s book donation program while planning an Art of Learning discussion group focused on incorporating the book’s lessons into the lives of both the tutors and the tutees. “This book,” he explained “speaks to the experience of the modern student/academic. The ideas regarding Buddhism, calmness, the zone, high performance – these are all very high interest subjects and for good reason! These are ideas I want my tutors to confront, think about, and hopefully pass on, either in their original form or with their own thoughts mixed in.”

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