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Broadstone Middle School

BROADSTONE, DORSET, UNITED KINGDOM – Broadstone Middle School offers students aged 9 to 13 the opportunity to participate in their unique Broadstone University program.  This is an elective program in which students choose from a range of classes on interesting topics not generally offered in school.

Lenka Snook is a volunteer teaching a business course to a group of second year students in which they will design, produce, and sell a backpack.  At the end of their 9 week module they will present their business plan and final product to parents, the school community, and possibly press and local businesses.  

Snook is excited about the opportunity this course provides for students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and a new way to approach the learning process.  “These students are coming from a system in which they haven’t had much experience thinking for themselves,” she explains. “Through this course, they will have the chance to explore the creative process, make decisions, and explore their reasoning.  It will show them that there is a different way to learn.”

Snook will help her students Value Process Before Results by deconstructing the design, production, and sales process and exploring the skills gained and lessons learned along the way.  She will introduce them to the concept of Investing in Loss as they explore design choices and production options and reflect on the feedback they receive.  Finally, they will learn about the concept of Using Adversity as they take on the challenge of presenting their final products to parents, their school, and local businesses.

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