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Whittle School and Studios

WASHINGTON DC – The Whittle School and Studios is a prek-12 independent school with an interdisciplinary and mastery based approach to learning. Katarina Slobodova, the Assistant Director of Admissions, Upper School Advisor, and occasional parkour coach, is bringing The Art of Learning principles to her 9th and 10th grade advisory group.
The advisory group meets three times per week and is designed to support students in developing a deeper understanding of themselves as learners, an understanding of the thematic interconnectedness of their academic and athletic pursuits, and a sense of independence and ownership over their learning processes. Slobodova is designing a series of lessons that incorporate The Art of Learning principles into this work. They are beginning by exploring what it means to have a growth mindset and the impact that has on how they work toward academic improvement. They will also look at the balance between personal achievement and the needs of the group or community, how to use a Beginner’s Mind approach in both new and familiar pursuits, and how the principles of Listening First and Using Adversity can help students develop agency over their own learning.
“Reflecting about many of the lessons from The Art of Learning with Katy has helped me move from personal development to professional development,” Slobodova explains. “Resources like The Teacher’s Guide to The Art of Learning have reminded me that a process-oriented mindset (rather than results-oriented) can be shared with students simply by being cognizant about our language use as teachers.”

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