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Le Xue She: For Next Generation

SHANGHAI, CHINA – Le Xue She (Love Learning) and the For Next Generation movement was founded by Oscar Cui to address the internet addiction and disinterest in learning that he witnessed amongst teenagers in China.  Time and again he saw students become addicted to the internet because they were bored with the subjects they were learning in school and discouraged from pursuing their own outside interests.

“I started this movement to help young kids deal with their internet addiction by teaching them how to learn,” Cui explains.  “I want them to know that there is a way they can learn both what they really want and the school subjects as well.  The way is to learn how to learn, i.e., The Art of Learning.”

The goal of the For Next Generation project is to help students uncover, cultivate, and apply their strengths through an exploration of The Art of Learning principles.  The initial phase of the program is a 10 session online reading group.  For each session, participants read selected chapters of the book, answer introspective questions from The Art of Learning Project’s resource guides, share and discuss their thoughts and experiences of the principles, and take turns leading the reading group.  Participants work on exploring difficulties they’re having in their lives through the lens of TAOL principles, and using those principles to find resources, knowledge and experience to address the problems.

At the end of the first 10 day course, one student shared, “The Art of Learning gives me a new way of thinking about learning.  We cannot live without learning.  We have continued to learn since we were very young, but I have a sense of powerlessness when it comes to learning.  However, with this book, you see a well-structured learning system.  What is more, you can discover yourself in the book.  Growth mindset and fixed mindset exist in our everyday lives, but we do not notice them.  I am encouraged and passionate about learning after reading this book.  It is an amazing experience!”

In the second phase of the program, Cui will offer an online course focused on specific Resilience and Peak Performance principles that the students feel will best address their areas of interest and need.  By Listening First, they will discover their personal approaches to learning and begin to apply it to their study of the principles.  

In time, Cui plans to develop a third tier of the program to spread The Art of Learning throughout China by recruiting and training others who will lead study groups across the country.


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