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A Journey Toward Losing to Win

by RICHIE SWEENEY Competition perpetually flows through my veins. All sporting and academic challenges I am presented with inevitably turn into battles, letting my competitive personality seep through. Going head to head with an opponent, regardless of the significance, lures me into the thrill of potential victory. While this seemingly unstoppable drive for winning can be …

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Sperrang Middle School

ST. LOUIS, MO- The Sperreng Middle School individualizes education and supports highly gifted students through the middle school years.   Educator Kimberly Crank had her incoming 8th grade students read and annotate The Art of Learning over the 2011 summer.  She then taught the book during the first 3-5 weeks in the fall and had her students …

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J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

HENRICO, VA – J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College provides access to education that lays the groundwork for employment and career advancement while preparing students for successful transfer to colleges and universities. With an emphasis on personal enrichment and lifelong learning, Sargeant Reynolds helps to build a skilled workforce ready to contribute to regional economic development. Roberta Johnson, …

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