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John F Kennedy Middle School

REDWOOD CITY, CA – Over the course of the school year, Melissa VanderMolen’s 7th grade English Language Arts class has been exploring the theme of what it takes to be great. In addition to reading books and articles about growth mindset, goal setting, and learning styles, she is hoping that her students will develop an …

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MP4P – Mental Practice For Performance

RICHMOND, VA – Scott Rohlwing created MP4P to address what he saw as the lack of emotional intelligence and performance psychology instruction for adolescents in both athletic and academic environments. “As a society, we’ve become so busy that tasks supersede just about everything. Many people are growing up not understanding Emotional Intelligence, relationship skills, coping …

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Bear Valley Middle School

ESCONDIDO, CA – Raymundo Rodriguez teaches the 6th through 8th grade Bear Academy advisory class in this public middle school.  He approached the JW Foundation through our book donation program with an interest in developing a program to motivate and inspire underperforming students who struggle with behavior and academic issues in school.  He plans to …

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FORT WORTH, TX – Trinity Valley School is a K-12 independent and innovative college preparatory school committed to providing their students with a broad liberal education in the arts and sciences.  Luke Jacob, Dean of Learning and Curriculum, is working with teachers in the 2nd, 7th, and 9th grades to develop multi-disciplinary models of The …

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NEW YORK, NY – Principal Padilla, parent coordinator Annery Quezada, and eighth grade English teacher Tim Pearce are implementing a new Parent Program into this federally-funded magnet school on the upper west side of New York City. West Prep Academy has a themed curriculum, “youth voice through youth media,” and Principal Roberto Padilla wants parents …

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Sperrang Middle School

ST. LOUIS, MO- The Sperreng Middle School individualizes education and supports highly gifted students through the middle school years.   Educator Kimberly Crank had her incoming 8th grade students read and annotate The Art of Learning over the 2011 summer.  She then taught the book during the first 3-5 weeks in the fall and had her students …

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