NEW YORK, NY – Principal Padilla, parent coordinator Annery Quezada, and eighth grade English teacher Tim Pearce are implementing a new Parent Program into this federally-funded magnet school on the upper west side of New York City. West Prep Academy has a themed curriculum, “youth voice through youth media,” and Principal Roberto Padilla wants parents to have an innovative and engaged voice at the school. Annery and Tim are initiating a new way of integrating parents into the daily learning process at West Prep Academy through a tailored parent program focusing on Resilience in a parent, child, classroom. and community. The new program is running for a year, with a 6 months parent group, and a 6 month in-class integration process through a parent/teacher collaboration. The goal is for students to learn that toughness in not the same as resilience and that resilience can be practiced together at home and in school.

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