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Continue on your path by honoring your unique approach to learning. Develop a love for the challenge of discovery, explore the thematic interconnectedness of disparate parts of life, and begin to unlock the power of the unconscious mind.

Listening First

The first step to artful teaching is tuning in to the essence of the student. It is critical that we appreciate each individual’s unique learning style and natural voice, and take these into account when instructing them. By allowing students to express themselves through their learning process and what they… Read more

Loving the Game

As children, we have a natural love for discovery and new challenges. Learning and ambition are playful adventures rather than dizzying experiences fraught with a sense of danger; whenever we fall, we get right back up again. But, as we mature, we begin to attach a sense of risk and… Read more

Breaking Down Walls

Themes that arise in one area of our personal lives will also surface in other areas—all aspects of life are interconnected. The ability to learn and perform in consistently effectual ways is therefore impacted by our general state of mind. It is vital that we unearth the psychological patterns and… Read more

Intuition: Developing The Internal Compass

To truly excel, we must cultivate access to intuition—the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind that is the well-spring of our creativity. We can achieve this access by alternating deep and repetitive study at the highest possible level with periods of rest and relaxation. When we connect with our… Read more

The Middle Way: Navigating Greyness

To maximize learning and use the knowledge we gain to perform at a high level, we must be willing to engage in a process that pushes us to the outer edges of our abilities, yet does not stretch us so thinly that we run the risk of breaking down. Ideally,… Read more