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Take a step further by learning to cultivate quality and presence as a way of life, in big moments and small. Deepen your resilience and flexibility in the face of adversity, learn to flow between intense focus and relaxation, and develop the ability to enter the zone.

The Power of Presence

We enrich our experience of life by attuning ourselves to its subtlest aspects and delving deeply into its details. One cannot excel at a pursuit nor experience its delights by bringing a skimming approach to it or handling related responsibilities in a shallow manner. To excel, our perspective must be… Read more

The Soft Zone

Life is full of random, unexpected events and demands. It is vital that we gain awareness and understanding of our reactions to these intrusions in order to cultivate an ability to remain calm and collected when they arise. To maximize our ability to develop and draw on our knowledge base,… Read more

The Downward Spiral

When we cling to the troubling emotions that result from an obstacle or loss, we abandon the present for the past. In short order, we find ourselves using our personal resources to wage an internal war instead of using them to handle what is going on now and move forward.… Read more

Stress and Recovery

The natural world embodies a rhythm of action and inaction that enables plants and animals to muster the energies they require for sustenance and growth. Bears enter caves and hibernate in the winter. Plants, too, enter a dormant phase during which biological processes occur that make it possible for them… Read more

Building Your Trigger

Every one of us has one or more activities or experiences that can lead us toward serenity. To create your own catalyst for peak performance, first identify the one key activity that is most relaxing for you. Then shape a simple routine comprising this and four to five additional personal… Read more