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Creative Learning and Collaborative Composition

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – Nikola Tošic is an improvisational jazz musician who facilitates creative music making workshops to students of varying ages and musical experience and teaches music in a free afterschool program for children in an underserved community. His initial connection with the JW Foundation was as a contributor to our Learning Journal …

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VANCOUVER, BC- At the York House School, each girl is encouraged to pursue her personal and academic excellence, to respect and appreciate individual differences, and to develop a sense of responsibility to the global community.  Director of Global Programs and Service-Learning,  Lynne Stanger, is sharing The Art of Learning with staff at the Junior School, …

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Aspengrove School; IB Program

LANTZVILLE, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – Zinda Fitzgerald has organized an initiative in the Aspengrove School  to work with The Art of Learning with 50 of its students as well as faculty and parents. We’re grateful to Zinda FitzGerald for organizing this initiative and for her motivation to use The Art of Learning to connect students, …

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