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Burnside Elementary

REDWING, MN- The vision of the Red Wing Public Schools is for all students to fulfill their highest potential and become respectful, responsible and productive citizens.  Gifted and Talented Coordinator Sandra Flores is introducing The Art of Learning to gifted/talented educational team members who are developing interventions for students in grades K-8th. “We recognize in …

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Sauk Rapids Rice School District

SAUK RAPIDS, MN- The Sauk Rapids School District’s mission is to provide opportunities for participation, education and life-long learning.  District Superintendent Daniel Bittman intends to use The Art of Learning in a year-long district-wide book study program with administrators, teachers, parents, and coaches participating on a monthly basis. By using Josh’s text he hopes the …

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Hormel Foundation Gifted and Talented Education Symposium

AUSTIN, TX and MN. In June 2009, we donated 205 books to this symposium, a collaboration between the Austin Public School System and the Division of School Improvement, MN Department of Education. We worked with Wendy Behrens, Gifted & Talented Education Specialist, who used the opportunity to promote Josh’s presentation at the National Association for …

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