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Logandale Middle School

CHICAGO, IL. Psychologist and SENG President, Dr. Rosina Gallagher, led a parent workshop in this underserved Chicago-based middle school in March 2009 that focused on The Art of Learning and the lessons it provides for optimizing performance. The bi-lingual workshop facilitator (the majority of the parents were Spanish-speaking) presented a PowerPoint presentation and a quiz with the intention of generating a lively interactive discussion about the book’s ideas and instilling new insights. Parents received a copy of the book in their language of choice to enable them to integrate the principles into their kids’ daily lives.

Dr. Gallagher, a strong advocate of The Art of Learning, is helping to spread the book’s concepts. At the suggestion of Dr. Gallagher, Tracy Weinberg from the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented applied for copies of the book and will be using them to conduct workshop sessions at the TAGT Parent Conference and the group’s Leadership Conference.  Dr. Gallagher will be the keynoter at the latter event and will address two break-out groups, one on The Art of Learning presented in English, and another, in Spanish.

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