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B Six Sixth Form College

LONDON, ENGLAND- Located in a traditionally deprived area of London where street crime, gang warfare, and high unemployment are everyday challenges, B Six Sixth Form College educates students from diverse backgrounds, many of whom are refugees and have been failed by other learning institutions. The college believes that, by creating the right environment of support, empathy and appropriate challenge, every person has the potential to flourish.   By applying the principles of The Art of Learning, counseling and coaching coordinator Paul Christelis is instilling in both staff and students an awareness and appreciation of the learning process as an end in itself. He is integrating the book into a program that incorporates mindfulness into teaching and learning. He says, “Both the art of learning and mindfulness focus on the ‘flow’ experience of here and now, on connection to the present moment where real learning is possible. I hope to create a culture of enthusiasm and optimism, for both teachers and students.”

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