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Creative Thrive

Los Angeles, CA – The Window Music is a family based music project that trains optimal performance and flow experiences for musicians and creatives.  Their program, Creative Thrive, teaches musicians to master science based training strategies for achieving optimal performance in their musical journey by discovering Flow as the moving force of their creative lives. …

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TAMPA, FL. Elizabeth Arizu, a guidance counselor at Robinson High School shared The Art of Learning with 25 of her fellow counselors, teachers, and administrators. As a result, English teacher Kenneth Hawkins worked with The Art of Learning in his IB Inquiry Skills class. Their intention is to launch a school-wide program. Says Kenneth:  “In …

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B Six Sixth Form College

LONDON, ENGLAND- Located in a traditionally deprived area of London where street crime, gang warfare, and high unemployment are everyday challenges, B Six Sixth Form College educates students from diverse backgrounds, many of whom are refugees and have been failed by other learning institutions. The college believes that, by creating the right environment of support, …

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