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Creative Thrive

Los Angeles, CA – The Window Music is a family based music project that trains optimal performance and flow experiences for musicians and creatives.  Their program, Creative Thrive, teaches musicians to master science based training strategies for achieving optimal performance in their musical journey by discovering Flow as the moving force of their creative lives.

Johannes Formella, founder and Executive Director, contacted The Art of Learning Project while developing their online learning platform, with an interest in integrating some of the learning principles into their training program.

The Art of Learning principles are very much aligned with our philosophy at the Window Music, which is centered on cultivating self-expression, resilience, passion, and creativity,” Formella explained. “To get everything out of you to perform at your creative best, you need to get to know yourself. Self-expression is manifested through self-reflection. Journaling is strongly embedded within our training approach and Josh’s exercises on identifying one’s greatest accomplishments, the fundamental concepts, and interconnectedness between different life areas and disciplines, as well as the power of presence and focus, are an integrated part of our training.”

When designing their training program, Formella incorporated concepts from the Resilience and Peak Performance learning modules.  With an understanding that growth mindset is paramount for every high performer, building resilience and grit are key components of their program.  With flow at the heart of the training, cultivating creativity and passion are also core elements, as well as learning how to break through struggles and build a tolerance for turbulence in order to get into the zone.  Formella and his co-creators integrate high-performance tools and flow triggers into the training, as well as recovery protocols such as meditation and positive psychology.

 “As lifelong learners, we understand that life itself is about the journey. Finding and being in Flow is  about the experience rather than the outcome. Therefore, it is more important to value the process before the results in the adventure of chasing flow. The way Josh approaches his teaching feels like poetry to me. It comes from a natural creative place that every child knows and loves to tap into.”

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