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River’s Way Counselling

CALGARY, CANADA – Jessica van’t Hof is a Certified Canadian Counselor, relational therapist, and ally to unspoken experiences and marginalized voices. With a therapeutic approach that includes mindful awareness, somatic experience, process oriented work, and a valuing of each individual’s unique perspective, The Art of Learning felt like a natural fit for helping her clients connect with themselves and value their strengths.
“I am interested in the value of applying The Art of Learning program to people struggling with life’s challenges and certain psychological dilemmas. When someone is working on changing and growing their own psyche- this often takes great perseverance and deep learning to transform difficulties into ‘gold’. I think that The Art of Learning content could be valuable to individuals committed to this type of personal journey.”
The first iteration of van’t Hof’s program will be a 7 week group for people with any kind of mental health struggle who want to use the book to guide themselves through that struggle. They will meet regularly to explore how to create an inner sense of security. With a focus on the Resilience principles, participants will read sections of The Art of Learning and work through personalized worksheets to support them in exploring their own sense of inner security, psychology, and how they work with their own issues. During each meeting, an individual participant will more deeply explore their own process and patterns and present it to the group for discussion and peer feedback.
“This is a therapy context, but it’s not about having a problem you have to fix,” van’t Hof explains. “It’s about growing and transforming.” She believes that exploring learning principles such as Using Adversity and Value Process Before Results will be an exciting way for her clients to approach mental health issues.

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