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Cypress Creek High School

ORLANDO, FL – Carole Scala, English Department Chair and Writing Coach at Cypress Creek High School, is using The Art of Learning as a means to help her students reach their academic potential.  The focus of her work is on time management, study skills, and motivation.  Carole incorporates the use of Socratic Circles for discussions and challenges the students to come up with their own ideas for visualization and release of tension. Each chapter of The Art of Learning is illustrated through a group assignment –  focusing on self-directed goals, self-regulated collaboration, and the shared creative manifestation of a beautiful Inspiration Board. Carol outlines the assignment in the following way for her students:

Goal – Once a month, a group of you will be responsible for designing and executing an “Inspiration Board” for the hallway.  The group will submit a plan (drawing of the proposed board) for approval by the Monday before you will create your board. Likewise, you will also provide all materials for the board.

Groups – You will self-assign work tasks within your group, elect a group leader who will oversee the project, and collaboratively come up with a powerful and creative board.

Boards – Boards must revolve around a value (determination, motivation, intuition, knowledge, courage, diligence) and include a quote from The Art of Learning. Completion of each board must take place on the first school day of the first week of the month, either in the morning before school or by the afternoon after school. Then, we will all celebrate and share the joy of your achievement!

One recent example of an Inspirational Board:

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