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North Carolina State University – College of Education

RALEIGH, NC – Dr. Linda Robinson is teaching a course entitled, “Teaching in the Middle Years” to future undergraduate and graduate level educators at NC State specializing in Middle School Education. She initiates the course by having educators write their own autobiographies of their experiences of learning in middle school years.  She then introduces The Art of Learning  and challenges the future educators to compare their autobiographical depiction, especially of effort and competition, with that of Josh. Finally, she encourages the educator to reflect on how they can support and develop the learning experience of their future students based on the principles of The Art of Learning.  Dr. Robinson says, “I hope to provide these college students with a better understanding of their own ability to learn, as well as to put practices in place that will allow them to help their future students maximize their own potential.”

As a component of their study of The Art of Learning  and their preparation for teaching middle school, Dr. Robinson gave her students an assignment in which they were to read a chapter of the book and develop questions for their future middle school students using Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy.  Several of these students have shared their work in our Resources for Educators and Coaches pages.


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