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OBERLIN, OH: Costantine Ananiadis is a former D-I tennis athlete, tennis coach, martial artist, and chess player and coach. He has used The Art of Learning concepts in his teaching and his own competition. At his suggestion The Art of Learning was the topic of conversation for the book club in the athletics dept at Oberlin College. He also has all his tennis players read it.

Coach Ananiadis says, “I use Josh’s principles daily in my practice plans for my team and in my long-term mapping for our team’s improvement and skill development as well. It works wonderfully for both. As a former high level tennis player, and as I currently strive to reach master level in my “chess career”, I find that these principles are very practical and therefore easily incorporated into anyone’s developmental plan. I find myself re-reading the book over & over and learning/discovering new things (or rather understanding it at a deeper level) each time.”

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