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ACE Charter Middle School

San Jose, CA – Adisa Banjoko, founder of the Hip Hop Chess Federation, is bringing the HHCF methodology to this charter middle school in the California Bay Area.  Through his position as a chess instructor and physical education teacher, Banjoko  plans to teach his students skills and strategies that will not only help them play …

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Oberlin College

OBERLIN, OH: Costantine Ananiadis is a former D-I tennis athlete, tennis coach, martial artist, and chess player and coach. He has used The Art of Learning concepts in his teaching and his own competition. At his suggestion The Art of Learning was the topic of conversation for the book club in the athletics dept at …

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Guilford High School

ROCKFORD, IL – Erik Czerwin, an English Language Arts teacher and chess coach at Guilford High School, is using The Art of Learning in a book club with the students on his chess team.  As the program progresses, he plans to have the students who have already read the book and experienced the “lit circle” …

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Lamoine Consolidated School

LAMOINE, ME-Sparked with curiosity about Josh Waitzkin after his study of the Chessmaster Software, volunteer parent and cross country and chess coach,  Dr. Peter Goebel, is using The Art of Learning to facilitate the professional development of teachers and 4th-8th-grade students,  fostering in both a desire for lifelong interest in as wide a scope of …

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Hip Hop Chess Federation

UNION CITY, CA. The Hip Hop Chess Federation utilizes chess, martial arts and hip-hop to unify people from multiple cultural, religious and social backgrounds in low-income communities. Adisa Banjoko, the founder of the Hip Hop Chess Federation, has been bringing The Art of Learning into his programs with enormous success. In October of 2008, Josh …

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Belize National Youth Chess Foundation

BELIZE. The BNYCF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting chess among the youth of Belize. There are approximately 800 kids in the program coming from 6 districts. We are working with Ella Anderson, their program director, to make a significant difference in their lives by donating copies of The Art of Learning to the …

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