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Guilford High School

ROCKFORD, IL – Erik Czerwin, an English Language Arts teacher and chess coach at Guilford High School, is using The Art of Learning in a book club with the students on his chess team.  As the program progresses, he plans to have the students who have already read the book and experienced the “lit circle” become the leaders next year.  He says, “The idea is to take students after several months of learning about chess, specifically, and encourage them to continue learning and grow their passion for learning.  As they become leaders of the small groups, they can grow as teachers as well.”

In addition, Erik hopes to lead a faculty book workshop in his school using the book.  “The Art of Learning made me a better teacher, and I hope to share that experience with other teachers on staff by creating a Professional Development opportunity.”   He plans to run a monthly meeting with the teachers in which they would discuss the book and how it can impact their students and their teaching.

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