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Jackson Elementary

Pasadena, CA – Jackson Elementary School recently received a magnet grant to become a STEM and Spanish/English Dual Language Immersion school.  Fourth grade teacher, Eduardo Chenu, is interested in working on social/emotional skills with his students, many of whom are from high-poverty backgrounds, in order to increase resilience.  “My dream is to first explore the possibility of implementing Art of Learning activities in the coming years in both the Dual Language portion of our school and the Regular Education portion that place an emphasis on viewing mistakes as opportunities for growth and figuring out ways to articulate performing on an optimal ‘flow’ level, and then finding new ways to expand on that” Chenu explains.  He will incorporate the learning principles from the Resilience module into his lesson plans “in a way that is less stressful, more organic, and in line with the partnerships and themes that may arise naturally at our school.”

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