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King Kekaulike High School

KIHEI, HI – Matthew Cerny, the school’s English Department Chair, plans to use The Art of Learning with his 9th grade AVID students.  “AVID is a college prep program for underserved students in the academic middle who exhibit potential, but are underachieving,” Cerny says.  His students will study the book as a class using Socratic Seminars, Learning Logs, journals and reading circles, in hopes that Josh’s story and learning principles will help him to  “inspire and educate the WHOLE student as well as raise achievement.”
He is specifically interested in using the book to assist his students in the college selection process, explaining “one difficulty that we find in sending disadvantaged children to school is that it can become overwhelming to ‘get to know everything about all those school choices.’  One coping strategy I found is that it’s more important to know yourself, and then you can choose more confidently.  The book drew me in with its ability to support this strategy.”

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