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San Jose, COSTA RICA – EPL is an educational consulting group in Costa Rica that provides tutoring, college and graduate school application consultations, test preparation, coaching, and educational and artistic enrichment programs for students who are interested in gaining acceptance to both local and international schools.

Juan Jacobo Bernal, a partner and tutor with the organization, organizes study groups made up of students who read The Art of Learning and then develop Spanish language presentations of the material. He is specifically interested in having the students develop an understanding of how the learning principles relate to their own personal experiences. Through an exploration of principles such as “Investment in Loss”, “Using Adversity”, “The Downward Spiral”, and “Stress and Recovery” they will begin to think about developing habits and routines to change their detrimental learning behaviors and begin to push themselves toward higher levels of achievement.

The first group of students who participated in this program were asked to read the student study guide and choose segments that were most applicable to their academic lives.  From there, they translated the concepts into Spanish and created a presentation to teach the learning principles to other Latin American students.

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